Print powers a digital experience in art galleries

Warhol Women is a new interactive exhibition that uses a combination of print and digital technologies to bring the work to life.

The exhibition at Lévy Gorvy New York presents Warhol’s portraits of women from the early 1960s through to the 1980s.

Blue Bite, a New York-based tech firm that specialises in bringing digital technology to physical objects, created interactive experiences to ‘bring Warhol even closer to visitors’.

Across the three-floor gallery, visitors are able to activate digital experiences relevant to where they are in the venue through near-field communication (NFC) or by scanning QR codes with their phones.

NFC is how many of us make contactless payments and works like a QR code in the way that it communicates information from the internet to a smartphone, but NFC tags, also known as chips, can also be embedded into print products.

“We are excited to bring this additional element of visitor engagement to our exhibitions at Lévy Gorvy,” says Cristina Tafuri, exhibitions coordinator at Lévy Gorvy.

“There is so much valuable, high-level research and information to unpack behind each of these exceptional works that goes beyond a traditional exhibition wall label. This technology allows us to bring that to our visitors in an easy, new and meaningful way.”

As many of Warhol’s works were based on photographs shot on a Polaroid camera, visitors to the exhibition can leave Warhol Women with their own Polaroid photo and NFC-enabled holder.

Other digital features activated through print include curated playlists by decade, and stories from the women behind the pictures explaining how they met the artists, their favourite memories of The Factory – Warhol’s New York City studio – and other untold anecdotes not featured in the main exhibition.

“By making Warhol Women interactive with Blue Bite Experiences, Lévy Gorvy allows visitors to access the full scope of knowledge, research and resources that go into creating each exhibition,” says Mikhail Damiani, chief executive officer and co-founder of Blue Bite.

“Adding digital experiences to the physical space provides added value to visitors not available at other venues.”

Warhol Women is on display at the Lévy Gorvy gallery in New York until June 15th.

First published on Print Monthly.


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