A winter at home

For the rest of the time I’m not at uni, I am lucky enough to live in one of the most picturesque parts of the country. The rest of the UK forgets about Cornwall until they’re looking for somewhere to go on holiday without having to fly. For the rest of us that live there, we experience it cold, hot, raining, stormy and all other spectacular weather forms that living on the coast brings. No doubt it has it’s dull moments, like anywhere I suppose. But there are little moments of beauty that can be found even in a long, dark winter. These photos are from the time I spent at home over Christmas, all shot on a Pentax MZ-60 with Fujifilm film.

CNV00016 (2)
CNV00021 (2)
CNV00023 (2)
CNV00005 (2)
CNV00019 (3)
CNV00018 (3)
CNV00003 (3)
CNV00005 (3)
CNV00006 (3)

CNV00010 (3)
CNV00011 (3)
CNV00012 (3)


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