death: the human experience at Bristol Museum


What does death mean to you? It’s something we all have in common, and the curators at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery want you to start talking about it more.

Three years in the making, death: the human experience showcases over 200 items that illustrate the ways we as humans have approached death across time and across the world.

The exhibition aims to celebrate and explore the different ways we look after our dead and how we remember them when they’re gone.

But it’s not all doom and gloom; Collections Officers for World Cultures and curators Lisa Graves and Amber Druce want people to see the humour in death as we do in life, with objects like the Ghanaian fantasy coffin, a cartoon-like lion which they hope will make people smile.

The exhibition is a cross-cultural look at death, it’s about understanding how differently we all deal with and treat…

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