Lucy Rose on a cliff-top one rainy evening in August

I’ve never been much of a critic, and for some time this has put me off writing about gigs and events I have been to. So instead of reviewing, I am just going to paint a picture of the experience and hopefully it makes for an interesting read.

In 2012 I got to see Lucy Rose play in a conservatory in a house on a cliff just outside of Helston in Cornwall. Halzephron House, its original meaning translates to ‘Cliffs of Hell’, and sometimes the weather can make the name feel very appropriate. The gig was originally going to take place on the newly built amphitheatre on the cliff’s edge; using the Atlantic as the perfect backdrop, with fishing harbour Porthleven in the background. It was not meant to be. It rained solidly all day as we waited for Lucy and her crew to arrive, and finally we had to admit defeat and find another way of hosting the event.

Fortunately, there was another space that could be used to provide the atmosphere for a very intimate gig.  I’m not sure the exact amount of people who came, it must have been around 50 people which gave the event a personal atmosphere, that can often be more special than a large scale gig.

It was really cool to have met Lucy before she played and get to talk to her (she is even smaller than me in real life) and to be part of it all, to be ‘behind the scenes’ in a way made it feel all that bit more special and it is definitely an experience I will remember.

Lucy Rose’s new single ‘Our Eyes’ is available to pre-order on iTunes

 Harry Fricker supported Lucy at the gig.

Photos by Jack Wolter


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